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Aussie Clean Team

A clean and healthy environment is proven to motivate, increase efficiency and improve quality of leasure time. At Aussie Clean Team we have the reputation of the No.1 choice for commercial and home cleaning company in London, offering a professional service to businesses and families all over the capital and in South-East England. We are renowned for our Aussie `can-do` attitude and offer bespoke cleaning solutions to suit any requirements. We are able to provide full range of services: from our highly recommended commercial cleaning to specialized offers for your oven, carpets, upholstery, windows and more.

We employ an experienced team of reliable and fully trained cleaning specialists and all technicians are required to meet rigorous standards with regard to health and safety training. You can also rest assured that our managers conduct regular Quality Assurance checks to ensure that our service to you is of a consistently high standard. As a professional cleaning company in London we have a fantastic record of providing quality cleaning services.

Our services can be used seven days a week on commercial or domestic premises. If you are looking for a quality cleaning in London then why not contact us today to find out more about how the Aussie brand can supply the complete solution to all your requirements.

Our most demanded services

Aussie Clean Team

  • Commercial cleaning - Professional services for your commercial sites in London, executed by our top cleaning specialists.
  • Office cleaning - Contract & one off solutions for your office. From windows and workplaces through to carpets and kitchen areas, there is nothing we can't do.
  • Regular domestic cleaning - Flexible schedules for your maximum convenience with packages designed specifically for your house at competitive prices. It is time to take the hassle out of your domestic duties.

One of the reasons for the positive feedback from our clients is the high quality services and excellence oriented management by Aussie Clean Team. The easy access to our services and the modern methods of payment are another. We offer 24/7 quote opportunities and online payment, pushing the London cleaning services to their absolute limits and providing the clients with best examples of engagement and care.